Help for Advanced search

Online catalogue (IPAC) help.

Page Advanced search offers a possibility to enter a more complex search term with limits, choose records display format and sorting.


Options that can be used for a term specification are as follows:

all words
all words entered in the term have to be in the index,
an exact word order entered in the term,
whole phrase
search in the whole phrase index (not in the index with individual words),
at least one of the words
at least one of the words entered in the term has to be in the index.

Form - Advanced search

When and how to use search operators?

It is possible to add more search boxes and to combine queries with operators.
Search operators allow to specify the query.
JavaScript is required for search operators using.

Narrowing the search - operator: and

Can be used for searching records that contain both of the entered terms, A and B.

Operator: and

Widening the search - operator: or

Can be used for searching records that contain at least one of terms, A or B.

Operator: or

Term you want to exclude from the search - operator: not

Can be used for searching records that contain the term A, but don't contain the term B.

Operátor: není

How to use limits?

Limits allow you to narrow the search results by other dimensions (a language of a document, a country of a publication, a date of a publication, etc.).

The number of limits depends on the number and the kind of selected sources. See help for Resources.

In case you select a source that does not support any limits (or only few of them), no other limits will appear. If you would like to use all of the limits, select only one source, or sources of a similar type.
Only options that are supported by all the sources are available in limits selection.

Search settings

In the setting you can choose a type of a record display (Display format) and a preferred records sorting that will be used in a search result. This setting will be used during the searching till the end of the session (it means until you close page IPAC in a browser).

Search settings are available according to the possibilities of sources that you have chosen for searching (page Resources).
Sorting is not usually available for external resources. You can use Basketfor sorting of an adequate number of records from external resources. Add records to the basket and choose a type of sorting that is available there.


As you type into the search box “Suggest” it will guess what you are typing and offer suggestions in the real time. It will help you to search for longer words without typing them whole.


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