Help for Dictionary

Online catalogue (IPAC) help.

Page Dictionary offers browsing index terms used in record and searching by them.
CQL query is created by sequential selection of the terms.

Choose a resource (database) for searching that is available. The list of resources depends on setting. Then, choose an index for searching, enter the term you want to find and click on the button Search in dictionary.

The index value will be searched and displayed (if the same value has been found) and next values from the index will be displayed there. The number of records will be displayed below the term. It is a number of records containing this term.

form for Dictionary

Mark the term you need and CQL query will be created.
You can mark more terms form other pages and other indexes, too.
You can modify the created query and then Search in catalog or Send.

Search in catalog
Searching of records will start.
Query will be send to page Advanced search, where you can add limits or other search criteria.

An advantage of searching by dictionary is that only terms used in at least one record are displayed and used in the query. At least one record will be in the search result - only if you do not use unsuitable limit or if you do not modify the query in wrong way.

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